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Three Killed After Amtrak Train Collides With Car in Northern California

According to a report from ABC 7 San Francisco, three people were killed and two more severely injured in a railroad crossing accident in Contra Costa County, California. It is one of the more horrific and tragic collisions involving an Amtrak train in recent years. Here, our Stockton car accident lawyer explains what we know about this crash and the risks associated with railroad crossing in general. 

Deadly Crash: Amtrak Collides With Car in Northern California

A catastrophic railroad collision was reported to emergency first responders in Contra Costa County on the afternoon of June 26th, 2022. The collision happened in a rural stretch of unincorporated Brentwood. The crash occurred on a dirt road near the 3000 block of Orwood Road. The railroad is reportedly owned by BNSF Railway but is used by Amtrak. Sadly, three people were killed in the crash and two others were transported to a regional hospital with serious injuries. 

Notably, the crash occurred at an unprotected train crossing. There was no railroad guard at the site of the collision. ABC 7 San Francisco reports that multiple people from the area have filed complaints about the safety issue. Indeed, a representative of the East Contra Costa County Fire Protection District told reporters that “we’ve had accidents at that crossing” in recent years. Federal authorities are still investigating the deadly Amtrak accident. 

Railroad Crossing Accidents Remain a Serious Public Safety Hazard

According to data from Operation Lifesaver, there were 2,131 vehicle collisions reported at railroad crossings in 2021 alone. Tragically, 237 people were killed in these crashes and 653 more suffered serious injuries. In California, there were 169 railroad crossing accidents reported in 2021. In total, 34 people were killed and 36 were injured in the accidents.  

Railroad crossing crashes are the kind of thing that should not happen. Unfortunately, these accidents remain a serious public safety hazard. The overwhelming majority of railroad crossing motor vehicle collisions can be prevented with proper care. Some of the leading causes of railroad crossing collisions include: 

  • Unprotected railroad crossings; 
  • Lack of proper warning signals; 
  • Broken or malfunctioning gates or signals; 
  • Train operator errors, including speeding; 
  • Train defects, such as brake failures; 
  • Railroad track defects; and
  • Driver errors, including ignoring crossing signals. 

Railroad crossing collisions are extremely dangerous. A significant share results in deaths or life-changing catastrophic injuries. Every railroad crossing crash must be investigated thoroughly by a California car accident lawyer who has the requisite skills, training, and legal experience.  

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