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Wrongful Death Lawsuit Starts in Case Against California Casino

On June 18th, 2024, reported that the trial in wrongful death lawsuit has kicked off in Los Angeles Superior Court. The plaintiffs—family members of victim Jonathan Jung—contend that the security guards of a casino property (Bicycle Casino in Bell Gardens, California) caused his death through suffocation. Here, our Stockton wrongful death attorney provides an overview of the case, the allegations, and the legal standard in California. 

Casino Patron Killed After Altercation With Security Personnel

In 2022, a California man Jonathan Jung died after a confrontation with security at Bicycle Casino in Bell Gardens. Mr. Jung was playing baccarat inside of the casino property only a few minutes before the confrontation with security. 

Notably, the wrongful death lawyers representing the family of Mr. Jung contend that he was forcefully restrained in the parking lot—with one guard using a knee on his back. They argue that 

Mr. Jung suffocated and claimed that his death could have been prevented with due care. 

However, the legal team for the defense (Bicycle Casino) argued that Mr. Jung’s death was instead due to methamphetamine toxicity. They also argued that he was confronted by security guards due to his erratic behavior and they deny that any excessive force was used.

The California court must determine if Bicycle Casino bears liability. There is no question that the casino is responsible for the conduct of its security guards. However, there are currently two key outstanding questions in the wrongful death case: 

  1. Whether the casino security guards used excessive force; and
  2. Whether the casino security guards tactics for restraint contributed to the death. 

Family Members are Seeking $132 Million in Wrongful Death Damages

As part of the wrongful death lawsuit, the family members of Jonathan Jung are seeking $132 million in damages. They contend that the security personnel of the Bicycle Casino were responsible for his death. As confirmed by, the wrongful death trial began in Los Angeles Superior Court on Monday, June 17th. Proceedings are currently scheduled to go until July 1st, 2024. The case could be settled at any point during the trial or a verdict could be reached in favor of either party. 

An Overview of the Wrongful Death Laws in California

Wrongful death claims are governed by state law. For grieving families in Stockton or elsewhere in the San Joaquin Valley, it is crucial to understand how the wrongful death laws work in California. Here is a comprehensive overview of the key points to understand about wrongful death cases: 

  • A Wrongful Death Claim is a Civil Cause of Action: A wrongful death claim in California is a legal process that allows certain family members to seek compensation for the loss of a loved one due to someone else’s negligent or intentional actions. It is a civil claim. Unlike criminal cases, the standard of proof is “preponderance of the evidence,” which is lower than “beyond a reasonable doubt.”
  • Plaintiffs Must Prove Defendant Bears Fault for Death: To succeed in a wrongful death claim in California, plaintiffs must demonstrate that the defendant had a duty of care to the deceased, that the duty was breached, and that the breach directly caused the death. Typically, liability requires evidence that the defendant acted negligently, recklessly, or maliciously. A Stockton, CA wrongful death attorney can help you gather relevant evidence.
  • Only Certain People are Eligible to Bring Claim: In California, not everyone can file a wrongful death lawsuit. The state law restricts this right to immediate family members such as spouses, domestic partners, children, and dependents. If the deceased has no direct family, others who were financially dependent on the deceased, like stepchildren or parents, may also be eligible. Have questions about who should be the one to file a claim? Contact a Stockton wrongful death attorney for guidance and support. 
  • Family Can Seek Compensation for their Damages: Families filing a wrongful death claim in California can seek compensation for a variety of damages related to their loss. This includes economic damages such as funeral expenses and lost future income, as well as non-economic damages like loss of companionship and emotional distress. The court may also consider the deceased’s support, guidance, and nurturing that the family will miss. As wrongful death damages are primarily non-economic in nature, valuing these types of cases can be especially challenging. 
  • A Two-Year Statute of Limitations for Wrongful Death Lawsuits: Legal cases are time-sensitive—and wrongful death claims in California are certainly no exception. The state set a two-year statute of limitations for filing a wrongful death claim lawsuit. It starts running from the date of the victim’s death—assuming their death was discoverable. Family members must take legal action before the statute of limitations expires.

How Our Stockton Wrongful Death Lawyers Can Help Grieving Families

The loss of a loved one is a terrible tragedy. For grieving families, putting the pieces back together can be exceptionally difficult. A civil wrongful death claim can never be enough to fix everything that happened. At the same time, you and your family need justice, accountability, and the full financial support that is available under the law. At Redkey Gordon Law Corp, we have extensive experience with wrongful death claims in California. With over $25 million secured for clients, our case results tell the story. No matter your circumstances, our Stockton wrongful death lawyers are here to sit down, answer questions, explain your options, and help you determine what legal action is needed. 

Contact Our Stockton, CA Wrongful Death Attorney Today

At Redkey Gordon Law Corp, our Stockton wrongful death lawyers provide compassionate and justice-focused legal advocacy to victims and families. If your loved one was killed due to the negligence, recklessness, or maliciousness of any other party, we can help. Reach out to us by phone or contact us online for a no cost, no obligation initial consultation. From our Stockton law office, we are well-situated to take on wrongful death cases throughout the San Joaquin Valley.