What you need to know about a personal injury settlement

After you’ve been hurt in an accident, you’re probably eager to have your case resolved, so that you can use the funds you receive from your case to recover and move on. While it is not always possible, the most expedient way to get the cash you need to cover your...

Speeding a Common but Extremely Dangerous Driving Habit

We’re all in a hurry to get to our destination when we’re on the road. Many of us try to make up time by traveling above the speed limit, despite knowing in the back of our minds that it’s not a safe habit. However, speeding is more dangerous as a driving behavior...

US Sees Massive Increase in Pedestrian Deaths

Roadway fatalities have risen across the board in the US over recent years. One of the most affected groups of roadway users, however, has been pedestrians. Read on to learn about the rise in fatalities among pedestrians, and contact a seasoned California personal...

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