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Wills And Trust Litigation Lawyers in Stockton & Sutter Creek, CA

Disputes often occur as will and trust distribution begins. After a loved one passes away, there are a lot of emotions involved. Additionally, there may be some surprises within the content of the will or trust. Someone may have expected to be a part of a will or trust or another person may think someone should not receive any benefits. Executors, trustees, etc. may also be accused of fiduciary impropriety like misappropriating trust funds or misleading beneficiaries.

Our Redkey Gordon Law Corp in California Include the Following Practice Areas:

Wills and Trust Litigation is often necessary for dispute resolution. Litigation can also explain discrepancies between expectations and realities. For instance, the deceased loved one may have helped a family member or needed assistance during life, making access to funds or other assets accessible. There is no requirement or expectation that those funds would carry forward in the event of that person’s death. Please contact us for a cost-free, first-time consultation if you are in need.

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