Northern California Personal Injury Attorneys

With more than 35 years of combined experience

Northern California Personal Injury Attorneys

With more than 35 years of combined experience

Northern California Personal Injury Attorneys

With more than 35 years of combined experience

Northern California Personal Injury Attorneys

With more than 35 years of combined experience

Northern California Personal Injury Attorneys

With more than 35 years of combined experience

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What type of experience does Redkey Gordon Law Corp have?

We have solely focused on personal injury matters for over 15 years in Stockton & Sutter Creek. Personal injury cases can produce dramatically different results based on simple mistakes made by inexperienced clients and personal injury attorneys. The prosecution of personal injury matters has changed dramatically in the last 20 years. One of the best ways to serve our clients in Stockton & Sutter Creek is to make sure that they obtain access to qualified and experienced health care physicians. Obtaining a professional and experienced physician to address the clients’ medical concerns is difficult. Many times these doctors or specialists are not covered by health insurance. Our Stockton & Sutter Creek Law office has developed a number of medical providers who assist our clients on a lien basis. This means that the medical bill will be paid out of the settlement rather than at the time of the treatment. This is an extremely helpful benefit to our clients as they attempt to recuperate from their personal injuries in Stockton & Sutter Creek.

With the advance of hospitals physicians willing and sometimes requiring to work on a medical lien, properly addressing medical liens in our clients’ cases has become an increasingly more complex process. In Stockton & Sutter Creek, our law firm’s extensive experience in dealing with the medical bills and the variety of medical liens is crucial in creating a positive financial result for our clients at the end of the day.

Why do we focus on personal injury in Stockton & Sutter Creek?

Partner Jude Redkey began his career as an associate in a general practice law firm, he handled a few personal injury matters along with family law and criminal matters. Eventually, he developed an affinity for personal injury matters and really enjoyed the process.

When assisting a client in the personal injury process he discovered two major personal rewards. First, he was helping the client through the difficult medical recuperation and rehabilitation by assisting in coordination of their medical treatment. Second, he enjoyed concluding the legal process by translating the hard work of recuperation into a monetary value. It was always quite rewarding at the end of the day to hand over the settlement proceeds to the client. That last meeting between a client receiving their settlement and our Stockton & Sutter Creek law firm is one of the most joyous occasions.

Client Testimonials

Jude Redkey was timely, efficient and very effective in assisting my family with a very serious personal injury case that involved an uninsured driver. Thank you Jude.

Jean March 14, 2016


What is the most misunderstood aspect of personal injury lawsuits?

One of the biggest myths in personal injury is that the client is just trying to get rich at the hands of an insurance company. This myth is perpetuated by the insurance company to persuade juries to reduce settlements. Our clients do not wish to be involved in a traumatic collision or incident. In fact, if given the opportunity to choose the personal injury claim and the resulting settlement money or their health prior to the collision, they always choose their health.

In our personal injury cases experience, clients are not filing a personal injury claim in order to get rich. They are trying to get back to where they were physically, emotionally, and financially, before the injury. They need reasonable recovery for the unreasonable wrong that was forced upon them. The personal injury claim is designed to get the client back to where he or she was the day before the incident took place. So, lost wages, medical bills, and other out-of-pocket expenses need to be repaid. The pain and suffering that is the result of that process needs to be valued.


What difference can having an personal injury attorney make on a claim?

A Stockton & Sutter Creek accident & personal injury attorney can make a very dramatic difference. Our law firm has assumed cases from other personal injury attorneys who have a different strategy in how to prosecute their client’s claims. Our Stockton & Sutter Creek law office takes a very proactive approach to initiating and facilitating medical treatment for a client, and making sure that the client is adequately addressed medically. Redkey Gordon believes that “Patience is a virtue” when trying to settle our client’s case. Maximizing client’s rehabilitation and recuperation is essential to ensure that the future need for medical treatment is reduced. The treatment observation and supervision is a component that is not often addressed by personal injury attorneys.


How does Redkey Gordon Law Corp make a difference?

Our personal injury experience in the community has allowed us to create and rely upon an extensive network of medical providers who will work with our law office. This means that many of our clients who may or may not have excellent medical insurance, or any insurance at all, can receive treatment with our medical providers on a lien basis. A lien is an agreement which ensures that the personal injury lawyer will pay the medical provider out of the settlement of the case.

For the client, the medical treatment portion of the personal injury matter becomes as important as the settlement award. Many personal injury lawyers focus solely on settlement amount. We focus on both recuperation and the rehabilitation of the client and then, ultimately, the settlement award. Our goal is to get our clients to qualified and experienced physicians who will resolve their physical issues, and then we can focus on resolving their legal claims.

Jude Redkey is founding partner of Redkey Gordon Law Corp. Prior to partnering with Robert Gordon, Mr. Redkey worked with The Law Offices of Stawicki and Maples for 13 years.

Robert is a JD/MBA graduate from the University of San Francisco and holds an Economics degree with highest honors from the University of California, San Diego

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Why choose Redkey Gordon Law Corp in Stockton & Sutter Creek?

Many Stockton & Sutter Creek personal injury law firms will restrict the personal communication between the clients and their personal injury attorneys. Larger law firms will hand your personal injury matter off to an associate personal injury attorney or a case manager who is not even a licensed attorney.

Redkey Gordon Law Corp in Stockton & Sutter Creek will always provide direct communication between the personal injury attorney and the client. The personal service that our law firm provides is unparalleled relative to other law firms. Our cell phone numbers are printed on our business cards to reflect continuing access throughout the process. We offer you the opportunity to work with us and you will be glad you choose Redkey Gordon Law Corp in Stockton & Sutter Creek.

Please call our office to receive a free consultation anytime: 209-267-1685 or contact the firm online.

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