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At over 840,000, California has the highest number of registered motorcycles than any other state, including nearly 300,000 more than the number two state for motorcycles, Florida. Of course, this number is vastly overshadowed by the 14 million-plus motor vehicle registrations in the Golden State. In fact, motorcycles make up only 3% of total vehicle registrations in California, yet they account for a staggering 17% of all roadway traffic deaths. Why are deadly motorcycle accidents so common in California, and what special considerations should motorcycle accident victims and their families be thinking of after a serious motorcycle accident? See below for answers to these questions and others, and contact an experienced and successful California motorcycle accident Lawyer at Redkey Gordon if you or a loved one has been injured in a motorcycle crash in Stockton or Sutter Creek


The most common factor for a motorcyclist versus another vehicle in a collision is visibility. Visibility plays a crucial role in many motorcycle accidents. The most common type of motorcycle crash occurs when another vehicle makes a left turn directly in front of the motorcyclist. Reasons for the responsible vehicle’s negligence can be varied but is most often due to inattention, distraction with phones and other devices and also the psychology of vehicle drivers. Many drivers just do not identify the motorcyclist because they are only looking out for larger vehicles and so they do not expect to see motorcyclists on the road.

Additionally, motorists know that Motorcycles are smaller and more vulnerable than larger vehicles, and also more easily maneuverable. For these reasons, many drivers are more apt to drive recklessly around motorcycles, assuming that the biker will just get out of their way. Dangerous, reckless driving around motorcycles includes cutting in front of them quickly, crowding them out of their lane, or changing lanes without first checking for the presence of a motorcycle the driver knows to be sharing the road with them.

Common Causes for motorcycle collisions:

  • Visibility
  • Inattentive non-motorcyclist drivers
  • Psychology of non-motorcyclist drivers


Motorcycle claims are mostly different from other motor vehicle claims based on the extent and nature of their damages. The injuries produced in a motorcycle collision can be catastrophic. The severity and scope of the injuries in these cases are significant. While a car crash or wreck may be dealing with neck and back sprains, motorcycle victims are usually saddled with multiple fractures, the possibility of “road-rash” and even more, unfortunately, loss of limbs. These conditions must be properly addressed by physicians prior to the resolution of their cases. These victims have a long and difficult recuperation from significant life-altering injuries.


If you are an experienced rider, you probably already know how to handle your bike in an emergency situation, including braking and swerving techniques to avoid a collision whenever possible. In addition to honing your skill as a rider, there are many simple things you can do as well that will help you be more visible to motor vehicles, and to be better protected in the event an accident does occur. Some of the things you can do include:

  • Wear a DOT-approved helmet
  • Ride with your headlamp on, even in daylight
  • Wear leathers or other protective clothing
  • Signal a lane change or turn well in advance of the maneuver
  • Keep your bike well-maintained, and make sure tires, brakes and signal lights are all in working order

No doubt, the safest rider in the world is still at the mercy of a negligent, aggressive, reckless or distracted driver. If you do wind up hurt in a crash, an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer can help you get the medical care and compensation you need to deal with your injuries and the impact the crash will have on your life.

Our Personal Injury Law Firm in California Include the Following Practice Areas:


Victims of motorcycle collisions should be focusing on physical and emotional rehabilitation. Odds are that a victim in this type of collision is not in a condition to deal with an opposing driver’s insurance company. Typically, these clients are dealing with much more involved injuries that limit them from being able to handle the paperwork and the initial discussions with the insurance company.

Our personal injury Lawyer in CA will aggressively work to establish the liable driver’s fault for the collision. This can be accomplished through the ordering of police reports, retrieving witness statements, and obtaining accident reconstruction experts. After establishing the other driver’s liability, we can guide the motorcyclist through the necessary physical and emotional rehabilitation.


Our Redkey Gordon Law firm can oversee the client’s treatment plan and protect their interests, especially when the victim is in a state of significant physical, emotional, and financial vulnerability. Our Personal injury law firm in Stockton & Sutter Creek, CA can assist in a client’s necessary medical treatment. We investigate the accident, take witness statements, order police reports, and gather all the pertinent information to determine the fault of the drivers. After the victim reaches his point of maximum medical improvement we negotiate the matter in light of the complex and significant injuries inherent in motorcycle accidents.

Many Motorcycle accident attorney firms in Stockton & Sutter Creek will just wait and see what happens to their client’s case and condition. Our Motorcycle Accident Lawyers is proactive with establishing the liability of the defendant and ensuring that the client has medical rehabilitation observation throughout the process.

Our firm has exclusively settled and represented motorcycle claimants over the last 15 years. We understand the medical treatment that is required to recuperate and rehabilitate our clients; we understand the medical lien issues which are complex and varied, and we understand the legal causation issues that often surface in these motorcycle claims. Our attorneys maintain personal and direct communication with the client frequently throughout the resolution process to their claim.

If you or a loved one have been involved in a motorcycle accident, please contact Redkey Gordon Law to discuss your recovery options 209-267-1685.

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