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Rainy Weather Leads to Fatal Accident near Placerville

A recent collision outside of Placerville resulted in the loss of three lives. Authorities believe that the accident was caused at least in part by the day’s wet weather. Learn more below about the crash and the dangers of driving in rainy weather, and contact an experienced Stockton or Sutter Creek auto accident lawyer for help after an accident in California’s Central Valley.

Crash on Highway 50

The fatal accident took place on Tuesday, January 15, shortly before 6:30 pm. As the car was traveling west near Camino Heights Drive, the driver of a Volvo lost control of his vehicle. The Volvo, which had been traveling at about 60 mph, spun out into oncoming traffic. A Subaru traveling east on Highway 50 at about 65 mph struck the right side of the Volvo when it entered the Subaru’s lane.

Despite the fact that everyone in the Volvo appeared to have been wearing appropriate restraints at the time of the crash, the collision caused the 51-year-old male driver and a one-year-old female passenger to be thrown from the Volvo. The woman seated in the right front seat of the Volvo was declared dead at the scene of the crash, as was the driver. The one-year-old succumbed to her injuries at the hospital. The 39-year-old man driving the Subaru required airlift transport to a local hospital for treatment of his major injuries. CHP officers believe that speed, combined with the slickness of the roads due to the rain, contributed to the crash.

Rainy weather creates dangerous roadway conditions

Wet weather is a major factor in wintertime traffic accidents in California. When roads become wet, tires lose the ability to gain traction on the roadway surface. Additionally, the first rain storm after a dry spell tends to loosen the oils that have built up on the surface of the road. Reduced tire traction coupled with oily road surfaces can greatly impair a driver’s ability to control their vehicle. Splashes from puddles and heavy rainfall also decrease visibility.

Dangerous conditions caused by rain may not be within a driver’s control, but drivers can still face liability for wet weather crashes. California law requires that drivers drive safely under the current conditions. This means that, even if the speed limit for a given road may be 55 mph, safety may dictate that a driver travel below that speed if roads are wet or visibility is low. Drivers who fail to adjust their driving behaviors to the weather or conditions can be held financially responsible for injuries they cause in a resulting crash.

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