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Report: Local Police Suspect Viral TikTok “Challenge” Contributed to Fatal Lodi Car Accident

According to a report from CBS News, local law enforcement officers suspect that a viral social media “challenge” may have been a contributing factor in a fatal car crash that recently happened in Lodi, California. Certain models of Hyundais and Kias are being stolen at high rates due to certain security vulnerabilities. The driver of a stolen vehicle caused a deadly chain reaction collision. In this article, our Lodi car accident lawyer explains what we know about this case. 

Police: Stolen Kia Caused Deadly Car Accident in Lodi, California

A viral TikTok challenge demonstrating how to illicitly start certain Hyundai and Kia models using a USB drive has caught the attention of Lodi police following a fatal car collision. The suspects—who officers from the Lodi Police Department suspect to be involved in a string of vehicle thefts—led law enforcement on a perilous pursuit before crashing a stolen Hyundai into a tree. Tragically, the crash resulted in two fatalities. The incident raises serious questions about the potential link between online trends and real-world criminal behavior

TikTok “Challenge” Shows Young People that Keyless Theft of Certain Vehicle Models is Easy

The TikTok “Challenge” depicting keyless theft of specific vehicle models is creating an alarming trend among the youth. Leveraging a USB drive as an unauthorized ignition key, the challenge exposes vulnerabilities in Hyundai and Kia cars, leading to a surge in brazen car thefts. Notably, several jurisdictions have now taken legal action against the vehicle manufacturer on the grounds that the poor security measures taken by the companies have effectively created a dangerous public nuisance. 

Stolen Cars are Involved in a Highly Disproportionate Share of Serious Auto Accidents

Stolen cars are dangerous cars. Stolen vehicles are increasingly involved in a disproportionate share of serious auto accidents. Most often driven by untrained and/or reckless drivers, these stolen cars can become participants in high-speed chases, resulting in a spike in serious collisions. 

Besides the threat to the thieves themselves, the risk multiplies for innocent bystanders and other motorists who unwittingly become part of these hazardous scenarios. Such a trend underscores the wider societal impact of auto theft, stretching far beyond property loss to endanger public safety. 

Navigating the aftermath of a stolen vehicle crash is never easy. It is imperative that injured victims who were struck by a stolen car have high quality legal representation. You may have a claim for financial compensation through your own uninsured/underinsured motorist policy. 

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