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Single-Vehicle Crash in Stockton Leads to Death of Passenger

A recent single-car crash in Stockton caused fatal injuries to one of the car’s passengers. Passengers who are injured as the result of negligent or reckless actions by the driver of their vehicle may be able to pursue a claim for damages against that driver, though the driver may argue that the passenger was partially responsible for the accident. Learn more about the crash and driver liability for passenger injuries below, and contact a Sutter Creek personal injury lawyer for immediate assistance after a crash.

Single-vehicle rollover accident results in fatal injuries for passenger

On Wednesday, October 10, three men were traveling on Ralph Avenue east of South Airport Way in what eyewitnesses believed to be a Honda CR-V. The vehicle, heading east, began to roll over. It struck a short chain-link fence, rolled over that, and came to rest in the front yard of a house located on Ralph Avenue. The vehicle had three occupants—an adult driver, a 17-year-old, and an 18-year-old man. All of the men appeared to be in stable condition when Stockton police officers arrived at the scene of the crash. The 18-year-old complained of chest pains and was transported to the hospital. Police did not believe the injury was life-threatening at the time. Unfortunately, the man’s health went downhill after arriving at the hospital. He died later that day. Police are continuing to investigate the causes of the crash.

Claims against drivers by passengers

Typically, a passenger injured in car accident will file a claim against the other driver, rather than that of the car in which they were riding. But when it’s the driver in their own car who behaved recklessly or carelessly, the passenger may have a claim against that driver. It may feel uncomfortable to file a claim against a friend for your injuries, but going without compensation after suffering serious injuries when insurance policies exist to provide compensation would be a far less just result.

In some cases, the insurer for the negligent driver may try to claim that the passenger contributed in some way to the accident or failed to take action to prevent their own injuries. For example, one California case found a passenger to be partially responsible for a crash where she encouraged a driver to drive faster over dips in the road, causing the car to crash into a minivan filled with passengers. In other cases, attorneys may argue that, if the passenger was aware that a driver was intoxicated when they got in the vehicle, they should have realized that getting in the car came with risks and should have their own compensation reduced. For these reasons, it is important for injured passengers to hire a skilled Stockton personal injury attorney in order to ensure that their right to compensation is fully protected.

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