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What is a ‘Black Box’ and How Can it Be Relevant for Your Lodi, CA Truck Accident Claims?

With major roadways such as California State Route 99 and California State Route 12 running directly through the community, Lodi sees more than its fair share of large commercial trucks. An unfortunate consequence of this is that serious truck accidents can and do happen. 

In truck accident claims, black box recording data may be relevant evidence. Here, our Lodi truck accident lawyers explain the most important things that injured victims need to know about black box data, liability, and truck collision claims. 

What is a Commercial Truck’s Black Box?

A commercial truck’s black box, also known as an electronic control module (ECM), is a device that records information about the truck’s operation. It is similar to the black box on an airplane, which records flight data. The ECM records information such as the truck’s speed, acceleration, braking, and engine performance. The information can be used to analyze accidents and determine fault. In other words, the truck’s black box may record data that helps clarify how/why a crash occurred. 

California is a Fault-Based Truck Accident State

As explained by the California Department of Insurance, motor vehicle accident liability is based on fault—and commercial truck accidents in Lodi are no exception to the rule. The party responsible for causing the accident is held liable for the resulting damages and injuries. The black box data from the truck can be an important tool in determining fault in a truck accident case.

Attorneys, investigators, and insurance companies may use this data to reconstruct the accident and analyze the truck’s operation leading up to the collision. Understanding the role of the black box in a fault-based system is crucial for those involved in truck accident cases in California, as it can have a significant impact on the outcome of a legal dispute.

A Lodi Truck Accident Lawyer Can Help You Take Action to Obtain Evidence

You cannot rely on a commercial truck company to simply turn over evidence—especially so if the black box recording data shows that the trucker or trucking company is likely at fault. That being said, companies are legally required to preserve this information.

To ensure that they do so, your Lodi, CA truck accident attorney should take proactive steps, potentially including sending a legal document called a letter of spoliation. An experienced Lodi truck accident lawyer can help you ensure that you have access to all of the evidence needed to prove fault and recover compensation. 

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