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high Profile Actor to Give Sworn Deposition in Wrongful Death Case

A wrongful death case involving a high profile actor is set to gain major focus next month when the actor will make a sworn deposition.

The actor’s deposition relates to a wrongful death suit brought against him by the former husband of the actor’s girlfriend, who took her own life after overdosing on a lethal dose of prescription drugs. The former husband alleges the drugs were supplied by the actor, and therefore played a major role in the 30-year-old’s death.

The actor has denied any wrongdoing in the death, and has referred to the wrongful death action against him as a “terrible shame”.

Circumstances of Wrongful Death

For a wrongful death claim to be successful, the court must find that the person alleged to be behind a wrongful death acted negligently or wrongfully towards another, and contributed to their death as a result. A wrongful death claim is a civil suit, which means it is brought about by entities besides the state, such as the deceased person’s surviving family members.

This means that the family bringing a wrongful death claim are only able to claim money for reasons such as to cover loss of financial support, funeral expenses, medical bills and the like. A defendant cannot be jailed or imprisoned as a direct result of a wrongful death claim against them.

When a Wrongful Death Lawsuit Can Be Filed

In California, there is a statute of limitations that applies to bringing wrongful death claims to a civil court. A wrongful death claim must be brought to a court within two years of the death of the person at the centre of the claim. The two-year limitation period means that it is highly unlikely that family members of a deceased person will be able to file after the statute of limitations passes.

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