Actor to Give Sworn Deposition in Wrongful Death Case

A wrongful death case involving a high profile actor is set to gain major focus next month when the actor will make a sworn deposition. The actor’s deposition relates to a wrongful death suit brought against him by the former husband of the actor’s girlfriend, who...

What Are Your Rights If Injured in a Car Crash?

Many people have been in a car crash. Most crashes, fortunately, are minor and the people involved walk away without severe personal injuries. However, others are not so fortunate, and can suffer life-change injuries, and even death. So, what are your rights if you...

Jury Awards Semi-Truck Accident Survivor $15 Million

In 2015, six nursing students were on their way to their final day of training when they got caught up in a massive traffic jam on a Georgia highway. A semi-truck traveling 70 miles per hour plowed into the students’ car, killing all but one. After an investigation,...

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