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Brain Injuries and Invisible Disabilities

Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) are among the most common serious injuries reported in the United States. According to data published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), there are approximately 61,000 TBI-related deaths reported nationwide each year. Millions more suffer concussions. Even a brain injury that is classified as  “mild” or “moderate” can have a severe impact on the day-to-day life of the victim. 

One one the most alarming things about TBIs is that victims often suffer from invisible impairments. The physical and mental recovery process can be long and difficult. Sadly, many people suffer from invisible disabilities long after the initial symptoms associated with the brain injury begin to fade. In this article, our Stockton brain injury attorneys discuss the importance of rehabilitative care and explain your right to full and fair financial compensation through a personal injury claim. 

Brain Injuries Frequently Occur With a Delayed Onset

In many cases, concussions and TBIs occur with a delayed onset. It is not always clear as to the true extent of a head injury immediately after the impact. In fact, some of the initial symptoms that can be observed—headaches, loss of consciousness, memory problems, nausea, dizziness, slurred speech, etc—are more severe 24, 48, or even 72 hours after the accident. 

For this reason, it is essential that all suspected brain injuries are evaluated by a qualified doctor as soon as possible. Do not assume that a person’s head injury is “not that bad” simply because they only seemed mildly dazed after an accident. TBI victims often feel far worse a day or two after the accident. 

Recovery From a Brain Injury Can Be Long and Uneven 

Another challenging aspect of dealing with traumatic brain injuries is that the impact can last well after the initial symptoms fade. This is why concussions are often referred to as a “silent epidemic.” These injuries carry invisible disabilities that can follow a TBI survivor for months, years, or even permanently. Although the long-term adverse impact of a concussion can be severe, it is not always obvious from the outside. Some invisible impairments associated with a brain injury include; 

  • Severe migraine headaches;
  • Nausea and dizziness;
  • Chronic fatigue;  
  • Difficulty sleeping; 
  • Memory loss; 
  • Trouble focusing on hard tasks; 
  • Anxiety; 
  • Depression; 
  • Frustration; 
  • Brain fog; 
  • Physical pain. 

Traumatic brain injuries can cause a wide range of long-term, invisible impairments. There can be physical disabilities, cognitive impairments, and emotional impairments. In many cases, a person who is recovering from a brain injury may be dealing with a combination of all three. TBIs are complicated. How exactly a brain injury will manifest itself depends on the specific nature and severity of the impact.  

Proactive Rehabilitative Care Makes a Dramatic Difference 

With brain injuries, it is imperative that the victim receives comprehensive and proactive rehabilitative care. Ongoing physical therapy, psychological counseling, and mental health support can go a long way towards ensuring that a person can make the best possible recovery after a serious accident. Sadly, many of those suffering from brain injuries in California do not get the comprehensive rehabilitative support that they rightfully deserve. 

Under California law, a claimant in a personal injury case has the right to be made “whole” after an accident. In practice, this means that you have the right to pursue compensation for all economic and intangible damages. Notably, you can seek compensation to cover the complete cost of your rehabilitative care expenses. All treatment that is reasonably necessary and reasonably related to your accident can be recovered.   

Finding the Right Treatment Plan After Suffering a Brain Injury 

The human brain is an incredibly complex organ. Even with so many advances in modern medicine, there is still an enormous amount that we need to learn about how the brain functions. As brain injuries manifest themselves differently from person to person, it can be hard for a victim and their family to find the right treatment plan. This is made all the more complicated when you are worried about the cost of rehabilitative care. An experienced Stockton brain injury lawyer can help to connect you to the right medical experts, making sure that you and your family are able to recover the full financial support you are entitled to under California law.

A California Brain Injury Lawyer Will Maximize Your Financial Recovery 

After sustaining a brain injury in an accident, you need compensation for the full extent of your economic and non-economic losses. Sadly, the insurance carriers that handle most catastrophic injury claims can make the claims process difficult—particularly in complex cases. You deserve the ongoing medical and rehabilitative support needed to reach maximum medical improvement. At Redkey Gordon Law Corp, our Stockon personal injury attorneys are ready to help you seek financial compensation for: 

  • Ambulance and emergency room care; 
  • Hospital bills and medical bills; 
  • Visits to medical specialists; 
  • Medications & medical equipment;
  • Physical therapy; 
  • Mental health counseling; 
  • Other rehabilitative medical services; 
  • Lost wages; 
  • Diminished earning potential;
  • Pain and suffering;
  • Mental distress; and
  • Permanent physical impairment.  

While the large majority of personal injury cases are resolved outside of litigation, there are plenty of claims that go to court. You need a trial-tested Stockton, CA personal injury lawyer who has experience representing clients in traumatic brain injury claims. Only when a defendant and/or insurer understands its liability risk will they begin to take your case seriously. A skilled Stockton personal injury attorney will ensure that you are in the best position to maximize your financial compensation.

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