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Passenger Death Shows Dangers of Motorcycle Riding

With yet another California motorcycle accident resulting in death, it is a somber reminder of the dangers for riders and their passengers.

4,295 Motorcycle Fatalities

According to The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, motorcycle accidents that involved another vehicle accounted for 58 percent of road deaths in 2014, while 42 percent were single vehicle motorcycle accidents. The total amount of motorcycle fatalities in that year was a staggering 4,295.

26-Year-Old Killed

In Lake Casitas, California, the recent death of a 26-year-old male from Houston, Texas, is a perfect example of how being thrown from a motorcycle can lead to serious and even fatal injuries. In the accident, which occurred on Saturday, October 27th, the driver survived the crash with only minor abrasions and lacerations.

Driver Survives

The driver was assessed and treated at Ventura County Medical Center following the accident, which took place at 2:45 p.m. just west of Lake Casitas. Heading east on Casitas Pass Road, the motorcyclist lost control and hit the guard rail. The passenger and rider were both thrown when the motorcycle swerved. The reason for the accident is still unclear.

Sadly the passenger died at a nearby berry farm before the helicopter arrived to take him to the area hospital.

Collisions with Fixed Objects

It is estimated that 25 percent of motorcycle fatalities are a result of collisions with fixed objects such as guard rails. Common reasons a rider can lose control of their motorcycle can include:

Uneven roads and paving
Dead animals
Height differences between lanes
Inclement weather
Sudden changes to road conditions
An animal, vehicle, or person appearing suddenly on the road
Alcohol and drug use
High-Performance Models

High-performance motorcycles can also lead to single-vehicle crashes especially when the rider is inexperienced. In fact, supersport motorcycle riders have a death rate four times higher than those who ride conventional motorcycles.

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