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The Pro’s and Con’s of Brain Injury Claims

Many people have heard of personal injury cases. Often this involves accidents in public areas or dog bites, but another category of personal injury suits that is not as commonly discussed is brain injuries. Typical headlines involve car accidents or slip and falls, but what about people suffering from traumatic brain injuries?

The courts have actually shown a tendency to produce significantly higher awards in brain injury cases than in an ordinary slip and fall or dog bite case. While this does not guarantee a positive outcome, it does beg the question – why aren’t we hearing more about brain injury cases?

Difficulties of Brain Injury Cases

One factor that may be at work is that brain injuries can often seem less severe than they truly are. It is possible to be cleared by your doctor and not realize the the amount of damage until further along – when the symptoms are increasingly difficult to cope with. This can cause settlements to be substantially lower than is adequate to cover long-term medical bills, because the fallout from the event is not immediately clear. 

Another issue that makes brain injury cases particularly difficult is that proving the cause and effect of the injuries through medical testing and documentation can prove expensive and time-consuming.

If someone suffers a broken limb or concussion from an accident, there will be medical tests and visual evidence of the injuries. However, if that same person suffers from a traumatic brain injury during that same event, recognizing the symptoms and proving the event caused them can be next to impossible.

Reasons to Pursue Brain Injury Cases 

While it can be expensive and difficult to prove a traumatic brain injury case, there are also aspects to these types of claims that make them more rewarding when successfully taken to court.

One reason brain injury cases are worth pursuing is the reality of significant long-term costs of coping with a TBI. In the same way that broken arms or concussions are easier to prove in court, they are also less costly when it comes to paying for treatment. Unfortunately, long-term treatment of a brain injury can prove significantly higher than other injuries, and for that reason alone it is worth pursuing a favorable judgment to pay for medical costs.

Brain injuries can also affect your life in ways you may not realize without the help of a professional who knows what signs to watch for. The symptoms can range from mood swings, anxiety, depression, a difficulty with concentrating, and a myriad of other issues. Without knowing the underlying cause, these conditions can even prove fatal if left untreated.

If you have been in a car accident or some other traumatic event, you may be suffering from injuries of which you are currently unaware. It’s important to consult an attorney who can help you identify your injuries and help you begin the road to recovery. Redkey Gordon is an experienced firm that has dealt with countless personal injury cases and would love to take the time to help you determine if a personal injury claim is the right fit for you.

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