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Sutter Creek, California Probate Attorney

Attorneys Providing Effective Probate Representation In California Courts

Depending upon the size and complexity of an estate, the probate process can be complicated and tedious. To deal with California courts, you will require a probate attorney to identify and resolve key issues quickly. Each incorrect step lessens the value of the estate in question. Redkey Gordon’s experience in probate matters allows our clients to distribute property promptly and effectively. Our probate attorneys deliver personalized attention to formulate your complete strategy for the probate process. We can also help you create legal instruments that avoid the probate system altogether.

California Counseling Families In The Transfer Of Assets To The Estate

We work with families to locate each asset owned by the decedent and shift ownership to the estate. Certain assets are not subject to probate, however, and they include:

  • Living trusts — Any part of a person’s property that is held in a living trust passes to the named beneficiary and can be distributed without court authorization.
  • Real estate owned by joint tenancy — Often a family home and other property will be owned by a married couple in this manner. If so, the property’s ownership automatically passes to the other spouse upon the death of the first spouse.
  • Life insurance and retirement benefits — Money from IRAs, insurance policies and other accounts can be paid directly to the named beneficiaries.
  • Jointly owned bank accounts — Bank accounts owned jointly by two parties transfer automatically to the surviving party upon the first person’s death. Totten trusts or accounts designated for transfer or payment on death also shift without court participation.

Depending on your personal situation, it might be beneficial to employ these methods or others to limit what will be probated after your death. Redkey Gordon can advise you on your options and help to implement a comprehensive program that protects as much of your property as possible. We provide a free consultation so you can start immediately with no risk.

Our Estate Planning Law Firm in California Include the Following Practice Areas:

Lawyers Helping To Locate Beneficiaries Who Are Difficult To Find

Sometimes estranged family members and friends are directed to receive property within a will. Failure to locate these people can lead to long delays for every beneficiary, so it is imperative that these long-lost individuals are found as soon as possible. We have the technical capability and experience to locate such people so that the probate process can continue with a minimum of delay and added expense.

California Law Firm Developing Strategies To Distribute Property Effectively

Redkey Gordon’s experience with both simple and complicated estates allows us to establish a thorough protocol for resolving any probate matter. Our focus is on making the process move quickly and smoothly. We are able to find a property that might be difficult to locate or secure and ensure that it is correctly transferred.

Filing And Litigating The Will In Stockton & Sutter Creek, California Court

California probate generally lasts several months from the point when an executor files the will along with a Petition of Probate. Depending on the value of what’s been left behind, the court might not be required to administer the will. However, many individuals and families are unaware of the value of certain assets, or might not even realize they own them. We help before and after the person’s death so families don’t have surprises during an already stressful time.


For probate or administration matters, contact the probate attorneys at Redkey Gordon. You can call us at [ln:: phone] or contact us online. Our Personal injury law firm is in Stockton & Sutter Creek, and we represent clients in Calaveras County and throughout the Sacramento area.

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